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Assisted Living Near Ward 6 LDS Church

Margeurite-and-I-103Located Right Across the Street from Ward 6 Church

Everyday, LDS Assisted Living happily shuttles our many LDS members back and forth to services just across the street. Proximity to their home church lalala.

For over 17 years, Extended Family Assisted Living has been catering to its residents, exceeding the individual needs of each man or woman in a place just like home. Our family-run facilities adhere to long-standing values that ensure consistently high quality care. Respecting the privacy of each person is well-supported here, a refreshing alternative to standardized facilities. In fact, with our low patient-to-caregiver ratio’s, we are able to provide greater personalized attention to each resident. In turn, we rank as one of Arizona’s best!

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A Welcoming LDS Community at Home

For 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days of the year, Extended Family Assisted Living operates with friendly and flexible professionals for the convenience of all, providing the finest medical and assisted care. Their primary focus is to maintain vitality in a safe and secure environment and tenderly encourage restoring a sense of individuality in the residents—of importance—when perhaps, it seems that all has been lost.

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Our well-trained caregivers provide supplemental back-up to our nurses with gentle hands and warm hearts, as well as proof of state certification to administer care under our roof. In addition to being fully trained in CPR and First Aid, they are genuinely compassionate about their work and in assisting those in their charge.


Our on-call* staff of Registered Nurses gives the true essence of our care, aiding in the comfort, ease, and medical necessities of those lives they interact with daily. They are dedicated to helping maintain the overall health of each resident, monitoring unremittingly. Their expertise allows them to understand the gradual changes and physical needs of the aging human being. Their passion for care correlates directly to a most pleasant stay for your family member.

Farrel-1024x768* We have purposefully chosen on-call nurses and work with your family member’s insurance companies to avoid the additional expense of in-house nurses.


Don’t feel like changing doctors? No worries. Your loved one can continue seeing his or her regular physicians. If we are able to assist with transportation, this additional service can make things convenient for you. However, if you are so inclined, you may make the switch and take advantage of our expertly selected in-house doctors. As long as medical insurance permits, the doctor your loved one sees is entirely your choice.



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